Australian superstar Glenn Maxwell has shared his reaction after his wedding invitation was leaked on various social media platforms. Notably, Maxwell is set to tie the knot with his Indian-Origin Fiancee Vini Raman on March 27 in Melbourne.

Maxi revealed that he would increase the security at his wedding as several copies of the invite printed in the Tamil language have gone viral on the internet. The Victorian mentioned that their big day would be a little more stressful now as the Tamil-speaking people know the time and venue of the wedding.

Maxwell stated that the whole matter was brought to his notice by a former Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) teammate who informed him that his wedding card was doing rounds on social media.

The 33-year-old revealed the reason behind the online leak of his wedding card, saying that the relatives in India got excited and ended up sharing the card among their friends, and every newspaper eventually picked it up.

“It was not ideal. We’ve got to get extra security for the wedding now. It was supposed to be a private event, and unfortunately, the relatives over in India just got a little bit excited and decided to show a few friends. Next minute, it’s in pretty much every paper over there, and I’m getting tweeted it by pretty much everyone. So that was a shock. It’s been a busy couple of days,” said Maxwell, as quoted by

Notably, It’s been nearly two years since Maxwell got engaged to his long-time girlfriend Vini, but their wedding plans took a hit due to the coronavirus pandemic last year. The adorable couple had to wait one extra year to get hitched.

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